Polishing of Stainless Steel

Hand Polishing Stainless Steel – Mechanical grinding of metal parts through a series of operations on a polishing machine. Depending on the required surface finish, parts are successively ground and polished with grinding wheels, belts, and buffing wheels to achieve the required finish. We specialize in producing finishes on stainless steel to meet the requirements of food and dairy standards. We also regularly process parts that must meet cosmetic and appearance requirements.

Process Description – Parts are polished to a customer’s requirement through a series of off hand grinding operations, usually on a double ended polishing lathe or a flexible shaft grinder. Different types of grinding and polishing media are used to achieve the needed result. Examples are; rubber and vitrified wheels, flapper wheels, nonwoven abrasive type wheels, abrasive belts, and sisal and cotton buffing wheels. Smaller parts and internal ports of parts can be polished with air driven die grinders which also can be fitted with various types of polishing media.

History – We have been in Wisconsin’s commercial polishing business since 1931 and in that whole time we have specialized in polishing non-corrosive parts that are used in in the food and dairy industry and that must meet sanitary standards. We have the capability to weld over surface holes and imperfections discovered during polishing and to repolish so the sanitary requirement will be met.

We also have the full capability to polish all metals for cosmetic and appearance requirements.